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All pets and animals are prohibited from the premises of Lerner Hall, except service animals.



Banners related to student events and activities may be hung at approved locations inside Lerner Hall and will be coordinated and scheduled by Lerner Hall Operations. Students must submit a space use request signed by the recognized student group's advisor.

Banners may be no larger than 8 ft. length and 6 ft. height. Fire-safety concerns require that banners must be made of fire-retardant materials or treated with a fire-retardant chemical. Lerner Hall Operations will hang and remove banners.


Building Entry

Access for University ID Cardholders

Columbia University ID cardholders must use a valid ID for entry to the building. Valid ID cardholders granted swipe access to Lerner Hall include Columbia University Morningside and Medical Center students, faculty and staff, as well as the affiliated institutions of Barnard College, Teacher’s College, and Union Theological Seminary.

Guest Access

Valid ID cardholders can host up to three (3) guests for whom they accept responsibility and must be present with at all times. When admitting guests, both the ID cardholder and guest(s) must show identification to the desk attendant. Guest(s) ID will be scanned and a pass will be issued.

ID cardholders that will also be granted guest access to the building include Alumni cardholders, Visitors Center guests, Health Sciences cardholders, Visiting Scholars, Jewish Theological Seminary cardholders, and other special cardholders as approved.

Guests Visiting Lerner Offices

Entrance beyond the Lerner Hall Lobby is limited to CUID holders. Persons desiring building access require authorization.

Building tenants may leave a daily access list of expected visitors at the Welcome Desk prior to the visitor's arrival. Visitors and guests are required to show identification and sign in before receiving a visitor’s pass. If a visitor’s name is not on the access list, the visitor will be announced to the office before entry.

Responsibilities of Hosts

Those hosting a guest(s) in the building are responsible for the actions of their guests. Inappropriate behavior by either party can result in the revocation of Lerner guest-access privileges. Public Safety will maintain a list of guests/visitors who are not permitted access to Lerner Hall and a list of hosts who are no longer permitted to sign in guests.
General Use and Safety Policies

All event marketing and promotions must adhere to the advertising guidelines for University Groups and Organizations as outlined in Essential Policies for the Columbia Community.



Columbia University Catering, part of University Event Management (UEM), is the exclusive catering provider for Lerner Hall. However, Recognized Student Groups are permitted to have food delivered or purchase food and beverage products from a commercial outlet for small scale events. For additional information please visit UEM online.


Commercial Activity

Only commercial activities authorized by Lerner Hall administration are allowed within the building.



Occupants, event sponsors and users are responsible for ensuring that no damage occurs to Lerner's facilities. Damage to facilities or equipment will be repaired at the expense of the responsible parties.



Temporary decorations in meeting or event rooms and public space may be approved by UEM where conditions allow. Helium balloons are not permitted anywhere in Lerner Hall. Helium balloons may set off fire and sprinkler censors. Any damages caused by the use of decorations can result in charges to the event sponsor.

Materials, including printed materials, banners and decorations that do not follow the above guidelines or have not been approved will be removed. No decorations made from combustible materials (such as paper, plastic, cloth, etc.) are permitted to hang in Lerner Hall.



Personal, handheld deliveries such as flowers, take-out food, small packages, etc. may be announced at the Welcome Desk. All other major deliveries (requiring a hand truck or similar device) must be made through the delivery entrance on 114 Street. This delivery entrance is to be used between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. There is a telephone located at that entrance to be used to notify the addressee at the time of delivery. Deliveries may be delayed or refused if not approved in advance. As a courtesy, small items can be delivered via the campus lobby if the delivery personnel has a picture ID and the Welcome Desk is able to confirm the delivery.


Fire Safety

New York City fire code does not permit live holiday decorations, such as trees or wreaths, in Lerner Hall. Artificial greens must have certificates of flame roofing.

Open flames, such as votive candles and stenos are permitted at catered events supervised by UEM.


Lerner Lobby Monitor

The lobby screen above the Welcome Desk is reserved for announcements made by Lerner Hall tenants only. Inquiries should be addressed through email at lerner@columbia.edu.


Lost and Found

Any found unclaimed property can be turned in to a staff member at the Lerner Hall Welcome Desk. Items of apparent high value (e.g. laptops, mobile phones, electronic tablets, jewelry, etc.) will be turned over to Public Safety’s Lost and Found, if not claimed by the end of the business day. All other found items will be held at the Welcome Desk for as long as storage capacity allows.

The Welcome Desk staff will make every attempt to contact the owner, if identification (name, phone number, email, etc.) is located on the item.


Personal Storage

Personal or professional items cannot be held at Welcome Desk.


Posting Guidelines

Bulletin boards are located throughout Lerner Hall and are intended for the use of recognized University organizations and departments only. You may post announcements, flyers, and similar material in these designated areas using tacks, pushpins, or masking tape. Boards will be completely cleared of all materials each Sunday night.

Flyers, posters, or other printed material cannot be affixed to surfaces other than designated areas within the building.


Ramps, Windows and Ledges

It is strictly forbidden to throw or drop objects from ramps, windows or ledges, or sit or stand on a window or building ledge, or allow feet and/or legs to dangle over the edge of windows, ledges or ramps. In addition, no objects, banners, or flags may be placed on or allowed to hang over windows or ledges.

Roofs and Balconies

Only authorized University staff may access roof and balcony areas.



Smoking is prohibited in any indoor area on University grounds that are open to the public. Under the City Smoke Free Air Act of 1995, the University has an obligation to inform persons smoking in a restricted area that they are in violation of state law and University policy.

To support the health and wellness of all members of the Columbia community, the University has adopted a "consistent distance rule," specifying that smoking is prohibited outdoors within 20 feet of all University buildings (including undergraduate housing) on the Morningside campus. This is consistent with New York State law and public health best practices. Members of our community, including visitors, are required to follow Columbia policies. To comply with this policy change, receptacles have been moved at least 20 feet away from all campus buildings, including physical structures such as entrances, overhangs, and air intakes. 

For a map of designated smoking areas on campus, click here.


Surplus Food

In accordance with NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene guidelines for Food Safety and Community Sanitation, the Welcome Desk cannot accept surplus food from events.


Take-One Boxes

Take-one boxes are located in the lobby and on the 3rd and 4th floor ramps of Lerner Hall. These locations are made available for the distribution of publications by recognized University organizations and departments.


Weapons and Hazardous Material

The possession or use of firearms such as air rifles, air pistols, ammunition or gunpowder is prohibited in Lerner Hall. In addition, the presence or use of explosive or combustible material, fireworks, knives, martial-arts weapons or other weapons considered to be dangerous is prohibited.


Wheeled Devices

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller skates, roller blades and similar devices with wheels are not to be used in Lerner Hall. Housing bins, dollies or other devices used for moving are not permitted on the Lerner Hall ramps.