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Columbia University Bookstore

Save Money on Your Textbooks


Save money on your textbooks at the Columbia University Bookstore through the textbook rental program.

How the Program Works

  • Students save more than 50 percent over the cost of purchasing new, printed textbooks
  • Orders for rented textbooks can be placed at www.columbiabookstore.com for shipping or store pickup
  • Students can still highlight and take notes in the textbooks
  • The Columbia University Bookstore sends students emails near the end of the term reminding them to return their rented textbooks

eTextbooks & NOOKstudy

  • A wide variety of required and recommended textbooks are available as eTextbooks at the Columbia University Bookstore
  • NOOKstudy is a downloadable free study tool that allows students to read purchased eTextbooks on either a Mac or PC 
  • Students can view books and documents side by side, highlight, copy and paste sections into a word document, print important pages, and create course folders for each class

Want to know if your textbook is available as a rental or an eTextbook? Visit the bookstore in Lerner Hall, or view your course listing at www.columbiabookstore.com under the Textbooks tab.

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