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Lerner Hall

 Welcome Desk

  Located in the lobby of the Lerner Hall campus entrance

  Address: 2920 Broadway; New York, NY; 10027
  Phone: 212-854-9067
  Email: welcomedesk@columbia.edu

  The Lerner Hall Welcome Desk team assists visitors, controls
  building access, verifies appointments, coordinates deliveries,
  answers questions, and manages building issues with Columbia
University Facilities and Public Safety. The team is a resource for information about Lerner Hall, the University and even the City of New York. The team also identifies and manages improvement initiatives in the building.

Lerner Hall Operations Team

Honey Fishman
Executive Director, Business Services and Lerner Hall Operations
Lorena Prosco
Assistant Director, Lerner Hall Operations
Jennifer Manghisi
Associate Manager, Welcome Desk
Caroline Moore
Assistant Manager, Welcome Desk
James Joy
Assistant Manager, Welcome Desk
Charlie Tatis
Assistant Manager, Welcome Desk