Access Policy - Guests

Guest Access  

CUID holders can host up to three (3) guests for whom they accept responsibility and must be present with at all times. When admitting guests, both the CUID holder and guest(s) must show photographic identification to the Lerner Hall Operations team. Guest(s) ID will be scanned and the individual(s) will be signed into the building for the day. 

All guests must be signed in via the Lerner Hall Welcome Desk unless otherwise organized with the appropriate departments. 

Guests Visiting Lerner Offices 

Building tenants may leave a daily access list of expected visitors at the Welcome Desk prior to the visitor's arrival. Visitors and guests are required to show identification and sign in before receiving a visitor’s pass. If a visitor’s name is not on the access list, the Lerner Operations team will confirm access with the appropriate building tenant.

Responsibilities of Hosts 

Those hosting a guest(s) in the building will be held accountable for the actions of their guests. Inappropriate behavior by either party can result in the revocation of Lerner guest-access privileges. Public Safety will maintain a list of guests/visitors who are not permitted access to Lerner Hall and a list of hosts who are no longer permitted to sign in guests.